Becoming a Senta client

Becoming a Senta client couldn’t be easier.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

Integrating Senta with your practice

Senta is ready to go ‘out of the box’, with just a few essential set up steps.  We’ve created this step by step guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible. And of course, the Sentanauts support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The step by step guide

We know that setting up a new practice management system can be a little daunting. How long will it take? Can I upload my client data? How can I integrate my emails?

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Let’s get started then

Every practice does things slightly differently, and this is why we created Senta so you can set it up exactly the way you like.

When you sign up with Senta, you will receive a unique URL to log in to your Senta workspace.

At this stage, we recommend you book in for a demo with our support team who will guide you through how to get started and will answer any questions you may have.

When you first log in you will be welcomed with the dashboard, which includes a calendar, task lists, client lists and more. But, you can totally customise it to suit your practice’s needs.

Next, you need to personalise your workspace. You can add your logo to Senta, and customise any standard automated emails to match your practice’s tone and brand.

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Get connected straight away

You can get yourself connected with our integrations.

Turn on the ones that suit your practice by going to Settings > General Settings > Extras and then selecting the ones you want.

We currently integrate with XeroGoProposal, ZapierFreeAgent, Gmail, QuickBooks and many more!

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Practice makes perfect

Senta comes loaded with dummy clients so you can test different variations of jobs, tasks and workflows without having to use your real client data.

The final step in Senta is to add your real client data.

You can either input a few clients’ details while you’re getting used to Senta, or do a bulk upload from a CSV file. Take a look at our client import help guide here.

And for our UK based companies, you can import clients from Companies House – so you’ll have all their key information and accounting dates connected straight away.

Take a look at all our support guides

Want to train your team on Senta? 

Well, we’ve got every area covered. We can provide support via virtual training sessions for your team and even create custom training videos.

We also have an extensive library of videos and how-to guides. 

And if you really are stuck, we have a dedicated support team who love to solve problems and find new ways of using Senta for practices.

Download your step-by-step guide here.