Document management for accountants

Senta supports the smooth running of your practice by helping you and your clients securely manage, store and move important documents.

Secure document management

In Senta, you get unlimited file storage and our user-friendly client portal at no extra cost. The client portal also prompts your clients whenever you need something from them, and securely facilitates electronic sign-off.

About Senta document management

Security first

SSL certificates with the latest cipher configurations ensure that your data, and your clients' data, is protected in transit.

User-friendly client portal

One secure place for your clients' confidential or sensitive documents, with a user-friendly interface and unlimited storage.

Secure document exchange

Reduce your exposure to compliance risk.

Reminders on uploads

Prompt staff & clients to upload documents in automated workflows.

Drag and drop functionality

Drag and drop files into Senta, or click to upload on mobile devices.

Create searchable documents

Senta will extract document contents and make them searchable.

Secure your clients' data

Secure your clients' data

Powerful workflow automation

Secure document exchange
Stop exposing your practice to compliance risks, and your clients to security risks: exchange documents through Senta – included free with your subscription.

Unlimited document storage space via the Client Portal
One single secure repository for all of your clients’ documents. Documents are also linked to client jobs.

No more unsafe emailed documents
Instead of email, clients are redirected to the secure document exchange.

Document management in practice
Easy client interactions

Ease client interactions

Electronic document signing
Senta includes unlimited electronic signatures: say goodbye to expensive third-party signing products.

Generate documents
Create templated documents in Senta using any fields from jobs or clients. Ideal for complex compliance documents or personalised letters.

Easy uploads
You and your clients can drag and drop files into Senta any time, or ask for documents as part of structured workflows. Your clients will be prompted for the information you need at the right time.

Look inside and search documents
We extract text from documents for you and make it searchable.

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