Senta roadmap

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Continual Improvement

Senta practice software management is being continually evolved to meet the needs of our accountancy clients. It’s our promise that each new feature we add is rolled out to all clients automatically  – and for free. There are no restrictions, no tiers of different features and no tricky upgrades.

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About our roadmap


As well as major features, we are constantly improving Senta with incremental changes. Typically we add several new features every week.

Get involved

If you think Senta can be improved, tell us what works for you, what’s not so great, and what problems we can solve for you.

Many new features start with feedback from a practice and we’d love you to be involved with our development process.

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Coming soon

Repeating historical forms

If you ever run the same form more than once you will now be able to save and view historical iterations.

Customised job list

Edit the job in the same way you are currently able to with the client list - Add in or remove columns and save multiple different views.

Generating documents from templates

In the 'generate a document' task type, we'll be replacing the rich text editor with an option to upload a docx file as a template, making it much easier and quicker for you to generate the exact document you need.

Up next

Practice Inbox

Manage all e-mails within Senta using the inbox, with the ability to tag, delegate, convert to tasks, comment and have multiple inboxes per user.

Client portal improvements

Overhaul of the client portal to become more user-friendly and offer enhanced functionality.

Senta Academy

Detailed lessons and video tutorials to help you get the most out of Senta. New workflow templates and advice on how other practices are using Senta.

Updates to advisory

We’ll be adding additional topics, the ability to generate tasks, ‘snooze’ advisory notifications and add more types of notification.

Continual improvements

The Senta HQ dev team are always working on making small incremental improvements to ensure the smooth running of Senta.

Working on documents from Senta

We will be working on linking Senta with Office 365, meaning that you can open documents directly in a new tab! Make changes, see historical versions and print, all without having to download anything.