PracticeWeb Integration

Connect Senta and PracticeWeb to create forms on your PracticeWeb website that automatically send leads and enquiries straight into Senta.

Find out how Senta and PracticeWeb work for your practice

Our partnership with PracticeWeb aims to make life easier for Senta clients who use PracticeWeb’s website design services.

The Senta and PracticeWeb Integration

Improving user experience

Saving time and improving user experience

Streamline processes

Streamline the process of converting a new lead into a new paying client. while also saving time and improving user-experience.

New leads into Senta

Allow new leads to sync straight into Senta.

About PracticeWeb

PracticeWeb helps ambitious firms differentiate themselves, to connect with the right prospects, and to achieve their business and marketing goals.

  • Work closely with PracticeWeb so they can dig deep and understand your practice, looking at the needs of your clients and connecting the two.
  • Understanding the challenges, fears and aspirations your clients face and find a way to reach out to them to become their trusted advisor.
  • Connect with your clients from the beginning of their journey as a potential lead through to being a lifelong client, by creating useful, trustworthy, engaging content.
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