Senta Advisory

Be proactive in providing useful insight and guidance to your clients whilst strengthening your role as a trusted advisor. 

What advisory can do for you

Senta Advisory integrates with Quickbooks and Xero to allow you to proactively monitor your clients’ financial performance. You’re kept notified of changes to key metrics that are going to impact on your clients’ businesses – and are able to take the appropriate action. 

We’ll be extending this service to FreeAgent and Sage in the next few months.

All about advisory


You can set up notifications when certain changes to ratios occur.

At-a-glance healthcheck

Clearly displayed info as part of the client record, without having to log in to multiple systems.

The right metrics

Displays quick and current ratios, plus info around debtor days and bank balances.

Be proactive

With the right info, you can be proactive about contacting clients and offering solutions.

Always up to date

Senta will automatically refresh an entire year's worth of data every night.

Download your guide

We teamed up with Della Hudson to support you on what you need to know about offering advisory services.


Making advisory work for you (and your clients)

Additional services for your clients
This functionality enables you to complement your standard offering with advisory services.

Become the trusted advisor
Be proactive in providing useful insights and guidance, strengthening your role as a trusted advisor. 

All the info you need…
Easy access to quick ratios, current ratios, debtor days, bank balances, creditor days and gross & net profit

…all in one place
There’s no need to export data manually, perform separate analyses, or use other apps.