QuickBooks Integration

Connect Senta and QuickBooks to show you practice-level and client-level information data.

Find out how Senta and QuickBooks work for your practice

The Senta and QuickBooks integration allow you to show practice-level and client-level information data pulled directly from QuickBooks, including your sales ledger, and client profit & loss and balance sheets.



Where a practice uses QuickBooks to manage their own bookkeeping, they can connect Senta to their own QuickBooks account.


Once connected, they can then add clients directly from QuickBooks and link existing Senta clients with existing QuickBooks clients.

Our 'how to' guide

Read about connecting QuickBooks and Senta.

About QuickBooks

Easy for accountants
Connect with clients through QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Self-Employed, then work together in real-time.

Stay connected
Send clients info and answer queries directly from QuickBooks.

Grow your practice
QuickBooks supports you in taking your firm to the next level with tailored advice and marketing support.



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