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The Senta client event goes digital!

Join us online for an afternoon of updates, insights and info that will help you get more out of Senta

Join us on Thursday 1 July 2021 2- 5pm

For an afternoon of Senta!

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Senta Discovery 2020

This year, we're taking it online!

Senta Discovery originated last year as the perfect place for Senta users to come together, share ideas and learn more. We can’t get together in person in the same way in 2021, but we wanted to create the opportunity to make the most of all the new features we’ve developed in the last 12 months. Think of it as crash course in the best of Senta.

Our aim is to send you away fizzing with ideas on how to make your practice run even better.

And while we can’t provide the same great pizza and beer as we did in Bristol, we invite you to ‘BYO’ and have a chat with us at the end of the day. Phil & James will be answering your questions – and we’ll be joined by some of our new colleagues at IRIS to talk more about the future.

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Donations to Mind

As we’re going digital this year, we won’t incur the usual costs of running an in-person event. Instead of charging, we’d prefer it if you make a donation to an important charity that’s close to our hearts.

Please don’t feel it’s compulsory – it’s completely voluntary. You’ll still get access to the event if you choose not to contribute. You can be assured that if you do contribute, the great people at Mind will put your donations to good use, to help support people who are continuously battling mental health.

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Senta Discovery: Digital

What to expect

Don’t worry – we’ll leave plenty of time for breaks between sessions!

2:00 – 2:15 – Welcome & what’s new

Senta founders James Kilford and Phil Murphy will give an overview of what’s been happening at Senta in the last 12 months – and what it means for our clients!

2:15 – 2:30 – Senta by IRIS – what does that mean for me?

IRIS CEO Elona Mortimer-Zhika will be sharing how IRIS is supporting you, our Senta customers, and announcing some exciting developments.

2:30 – 2:50 – New ways of using Senta


We’ve been amazed at some of the workflows we’ve seen this year. Senta has been used in ways we didn’t know were possible! Now you’ve got your day-to-day workflows sorted, join us as we explore the unusual ways Senta can work with complex expressions, variants and autochase.

(5 min break)

2:55 – 3:15 – Bossing the client portal


Our client portal is a powerful tool! It’s a secure way to send documents, receive files, and assign tasks to your clients. Join us as we explain in detail the client portal tasks and give you an in-depth tour of how these will display client side.

(5 min break)

3:20 – 3:40 – Customise your dashboard to get the best overview


Do you want to be able to see your upcoming jobs, job progress as well as key information about your work and clients all in one place? The Senta dashboard displays a powerful amount of information. In this 15 minutes slot, Laurence will race through how to get it to show exactly what you need.

(5 min break)

3:45 – 4:05 – Incoming…the Practice Inbox


One of our exciting releases this year is our Practice Inbox. Here we will showcase our new feature which will allow you to triage incoming emails, tag emails and have custom views.

(5 min break)

4:10 – 4:30 – Quick troubleshooting (AKA Dude, where’s my workflow?)


You’ve set up your jobs & tasks, added in your date offsets and scheduled all your comms with placeholders so you know the right messages are going out to the right people but you can’t see your job. Being able to identify why (and how to get the missing jobs to appear!) will enable you and your team to keep up to date and stay organised.

(5 min break)

4:35 – 4:55 – Zapier Masterclass: Using Zapier to connect your apps and automate your workflows


Over the last year, our Zapier integration has deepened with new triggers and actions. We’ve seen some creative uses on how to use Senta with other apps and we can’t wait to show you some of the new templates available.

(5 min break)

5:00 – 5:45 – Q&A Session with James & Phil

Join us for a BYO beer (or whatever your tipple) as James and Phil field questions from the Senta clients. We’ll be joined by Steve Cox of IRIS too.

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