Senta features overview

Always advancing with Senta

We're proud to bring you the most innovative practice management software for accountants and bookkeepers in the business. We're constantly improving Senta based on the feedback of our clients. And subscribers always get every new feature we add - there are no tiers or restrictions of trick upgrades.


General features
Cloud-based ✔️
Supported devices PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone
Installation required None
Set-up required None
Support Free and unlimited
Knowledge base ✔️
Guided tour ✔️
Redundant data centres ✔️
Data storage EU
Sample forms & jobs included 40+ (including accounts, payroll, CIS, tax returns, confirmation statements, onboarding, auto enrolment, charity returns)
Custom branding ✔️
Reset sample data ✔️
services Senta, Google
IP address sign-in restrictions ✔️
UK-specific date formats, timezones & currency ✔️


Feature Senta
Customisable dashboard ✔️ Fixed layout for client users
Maximum dashboard widgets Unlimited. Includes clocks, calendars, fees, tasks, jobs, etc
News integrations AccountancyAge, AccountingWEB
Customisable practice message ✔️
Customisable client message ✔️

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Feature Senta
Maximum number of clients / contacts Unlimited
Search everything ✔️
Custom forms Unlimited
Custom fields Unlimited
Field types 15+
Auto-number clients ✔️
Field security locks ✔️
Custom client lists Practice-wide or individual
Audit trail ✔️
Select clients by any field ✔️
Sum / average data in client lists ✔️
Import ✔️
Export ✔️
Client notes Unlimited
Star & flag clients ✔️
Customisable client types ✔️
Customisable client statuses ✔️
Rich text email ✔️
View completed forms ✔️
Email clients from Senta ✔️
Send text messages from Senta ✔️
Practice-wide email outbox ✔️
See client emails across entire practice ✔️
Email integrations Gmail, Exchange, Office365, IMAP & SMTP
Practice-wide email approval / editing ✔️
Custom email footer ✔️

Workflow & Tasks

Maximum number of jobs Unlimited
One-off jobs
Bulk-start one-off jobs
Ad hoc tasks Client & practice
Client-specific job version
Repeat jobs Daily (workdays or every day), weekly, fortnightly, monthly, four-weekly, two-monthly, quarterly, four-monthly, six-monthly, annually, two-yearly, three-yearly, four-yearly, five-yearly, on-completion
Master task list
Job status tracked automatically
See upcoming jobs
See upcoming tasks
Custom job & task views Unlimited
Tasks notified when ready to do
Tasks notified when overdue
Audible notification
Practice manager notified of overdue tasks
Assign talks to clients
Senta automatic tasks
Customisable jobs Unlimited
Customisable services Unlimited
Track overdue tasks
Call APIs in jobs Ideal for Zapier and IFTTT
Automatic templated emailing from jobs
Email placeholders / merge fields
Expressions, functions & arithmetic Many Microsoft Excel-compatible functions for dates, arithmetic, logic and more
Computed fields
Automatically chase clients
Text message placeholders / merge fields
Task calendar
Re-assign tasks to colleagues
Snooze tasks
Change job dates
Change tasks dates
Track due dates
Key dates
Maximum number of key dates Unlimited
Cancel jobs
Job notes Unlimited
Job documents Unlimited
Jobs start other jobs
Jobs summary & charts Future & historical
Monthly progress summary & charts Future & historical

Document management

Document storage space Unlimited
Folders & subfolders
Maximum document size 150MB
Drag & drop file upload
Request file uploads in jobs
Practice document library
Document preview (some types)
Extract text from documents (PDF, docx, xlsx, txt)
Generate Word documents

Client Portal

Secure client portal
Client portal cost
Electronic document signing Unlimited signatures included
Form filling
Document emails sent as links to client portal
Easy client file upload
Request client uploads in jobs
Maximum client document size 150MB
Withdraw documents from clients
Multiple portals Separate portals for clients with multiple companies


User levels Client user, restricted practice user, practice user, account manager, practice manager
Client users Unlimited
Clients work on multiple companies
Activate / deactivate practice users
Activate / deactivate client users
Time recording
Export time