Senta costs £29 per month for the first user (£278.40 billed annually), less for additional users. And all of your clients use it free.

What’s included in this price? Everything.

With Senta there’s:

  • No long contracts
  • No record limits
  • No per-module charges
  • Discounts for multiple users
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Free access for your clients

There are no per-module fees, restrictions on the number of records, storage limits, or other limitations. You get every new feature we add, and you always will.

Support is included free of charge, so we’ll always be there for you if you need help with anything. Senta comes pre-loaded with jobs, workflows, emails, and everything you need to get started.

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How much does Senta cost if I’m not in the UK?

Find out about how much Senta costs in your region by selecting the appropriate flag in the top right of this page.

How much will Senta cost?

Monthly payment

/ month

Paid monthly in arrears
/ user / month)

Add as many users as you like - we'll bill you at the end of each month

Annual payment


£ / year,
paid annually in advance

Choose in advance how many users you'd like, and enjoy a generous discount for advance payment. You can add extra users throughout the year.