The future of our practice

Rowdens Chartered Accountants is a very cloud-based practice. They've been using Xero since 2011, and have used other cloud products as well, but the one thing they hadn't done was to sort out their practice management system.

Client list

“My favourite thing about Senta is the fact that we create client lists. We can then get different views of that list so that we can see all the things we need to do for our clients.

On the Senta dashboard, we can customise what widgets appear.

Our dashboard shows all the jobs, so we can get a quick overview of where we are at. This also allows us to do tasks quickly, like sending generic emails out to some clients at the same time.

We really like all the integrations with GoCardless, Xero and Outlook. We use all of them. 

AML compliance

We are GoProposal users, so another attraction with Senta was the integration.

When a proposal is accepted, it kicks off the client and the jobs in Senta.

We then go through the rest of the onboarding checklist to set up the AML forms and everything else. 

For the AML side of things, we can just work through all our clients and get everything up onto the latest forms.

I’ve got a client list for the AML client form completion dates so that once a particular form is completed, I know that all the AML has been done.

For all the little things like that, it’s great to have everything up in one place. 

The future of accounting

We’re a very cloud-based practice.

We’ve been using Xero since 2011 and we used other cloud products as well.

We’re still tweaking things and adapting Senta to our needs – it’s a work in progress, but I can already see that it’s going to make a huge difference.

Our plan in the future is to do more marketing using prospects in Senta. I also haven’t set up Zapier yet, which some people have done to get things like Slack communication, etc.

And for the rest of our processes, and particularly the onboarding part, I’d love for people to be able to fill out forms on our website.

Once we have that configured, we’ll dedicate some time to work out what can be automated and improved.”

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