Invoco Integration

Connect Senta and Invoco to receive notifications on your desktop when a new or existing client calls.

Find out how Senta & Invoco work for your practice

The integration allows you to log all your calls in Senta, along with a link to the call recording as well as having personalised numbers for each employee.

Each member of your team can have personalised phone numbers.  Link Invoco up to Senta and it will identify and show you who is calling as well as logging and recording all the calls you have with your clients.

Senta and Invoco Integration

Desktop notifications

A notification will pop up on your screen showing you the caller's name and number.

Call recordings

Recordings are saved in your Invoco account and in Senta. This way you can keep track of the support you give to your clients.


Calls will be logged in Senta under ‘notes’ in the clients database where you can also access the recording.

screenshot of invoco dashboard

About Invoco

Invoco is a straightforward, adaptable VoIP phone system. Having worked with lots of different businesses and a wide range of sizes, they are committed to creating solutions for each individual business – from lowering your bills, to tracking your leads and growing your business. And they have a 5-star rating on Google!

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