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Do you have time recording?

We have manual time recording but we don’t have a stopwatch in Senta.

Do you offer AML checks as part of the subscription?

No, we don’t… but enabling the Credas AML check feature will allow you run an AML check on your clients directly from the contacts tab on any client page for a minimal fee of  £2.80 per check.

Do I have to be an accountant to use Senta practice management?

Not at all. Senta is set up for accountants and bookkeepers, but because it’s so customisable, it can easily adapt for a variety of businesses. We currently have clients in HR and consultancy and we’re looking to expand. Get in touch if you think we could be of help to you.

Can I invoice my clients directly from Senta?

Not yet – but we are working on it! Take a look at our roadmap here.

Does Senta have a roadmap of new features that are going to be developed?

Yes – you can take a look here and we love to hear your suggestions for new features. Just get in touch.

Does Senta have an inbuilt CRM system?

Yes – and you can email and text your clients on both an ad hoc basis and set up automated messages as part of a job. Not only that, but it also connects with existing email systems, so your data is all in one place. You can also so bulk email to your clients as part of any marketing campaigns. Find out more here. 

Can I upload my client data directly to Senta?

Uploading your client data is one of the first things you do when using Senta. You can also import client data from integration partners like Xero, Quickbooks and Companies House. It’s really easy – take a look at our how-to guide here.

Can I store my customers’ documents on the site?

Absolutely – and there are no limits to the storage available. You can then share with clients and search all available documents as required. Clients can also share their incoming documents with you via the client portal. Read more here.

Can I text my customers from Senta?

Yes – you can send one-off ad hoc reminders or automate them as part of a task within a job. The text messages come from a no-response number and there are no additional charges for text messages. Read more here

Can I email my customers directly from Senta?

You sure can. Whether it’s bulk emails to groups of clients or one-offs to specific people all your emails will be recorded against that client file. You can also set up automatic email tasks using customised email templates as the ultimate time-saver for endless daily emails. Read more here

How will Senta grow my business?

Senta makes your working life easier – automating the everyday tasks that take up your time. This leaves more time for you to build the relationships that will grow your business.

Will I have to upgrade all the time?

We love developing and adding new features to Senta. You get every new feature we add as part of the monthly fee, and you always will. And we love to hear from you about what extra features you think we should develop. You can make suggestions here.

Can I customise Senta to the way my practice runs?

Absolutely. You can customise forms, jobs, services and admin functions and even the inbuilt things like drop-down lists, client forms and contact forms.

Will this work with other software I use?

Most likely – you can see details of all our integrations here. If there’s an app you want to integrate with, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.