Using LinkedIn for Accountants & Bookkeepers – with Ashley Leeds

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We can’t ignore how important social media has become. For those of us who serve the business community, LinkedIn has become a vital resource to connect and share ideas and information.

LinkedIn has become a recognisable source of new business for accounting and bookkeeping practices of all sizes.

In order to directly engage with the right people, it’s important to work out who your clients are and what they’re interested in reading.

Join LinkedIn expert Ashely Leeds for a webinar on how to utilise the platform for your practice.

We’ll also be sharing how Senta can help support your LinkedIn efforts.

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Ashley Leeds

A bit about Ashley Leeds – the 15 minute guy

Do you struggle to find the time to do stuff? Time is an infinite commodity so why not cherish it and get the most out of every waking moment? That’s why I live this 15-minute concept. I cut out the fluff and get to work where you need the help. With my positivity, enthusiasm, and zest for life, I help people to get the most from their working life to enable them more time to do the things that they love and do what gives them fire in their belly. I am currently helping people improve their efficiency using LinkedIn.