Workflow & tasks

At the heart of Senta is a powerful workflow & task system that will keep track of all the client work in your practice.

From the moment you add a prospect, Senta will constantly monitor it, starting every job that's required – whether that's client take-on, services such as VAT, or background client admin & customer service jobs.

See what Senta's workflow & tasks can do for you

Powerful workflow automation

Drive excellent service delivery

Ensure efficient, professional, repeatable service with jobs that suit your practice. Set the client-service bar high from your first interactions with clients.

Offer your true services

Look after your clients the right way: segment your customers the way you want, and run custom jobs for them.

Attract the right clients

Put your service delivery on rails and concentrate on the personal relationships that create the practice culture you want.

Streamline your practice

Help reduce lock-up

Track client work and upcoming deadlines to ensure quality is maintained. Your practice can back up its claims for superior service. Transparent, equitable and proactive relationships generate value.

Work as an efficient team

Give tasks to the right people in your team, and make sure they're not overwhelmed. Senta notifies you of work when it's ready.

Schedule your work

Senta knows what work's coming up and when. Never miss deadlines, and understand and balance resources. Use live work data to spot issues and challenges.

Enhance the value of your practice by demonstrating the relationship with your clients.


Set up one-off or repeat jobs for VAT, accounts or any other services you offer.

Allocate work

Give tasks to the right people: staff in your practice, practice managers or even clients.


Easily add or change services, jobs & tasks to put your service delivery on rails.

Task notification

Don't be distracted by what you don't need to do. Senta will notify you when something needs to be done.

One place for work

There's one place for all your practice's work: filterable by date, job, client or more.

Track overdue tasks

Senta keeps track of everything and warns you when work is becoming overdue.

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