Senta is the central hub for our practice management

Ian Butler standing against a wall with their logo behind

Ian Butler, founder of Golding Accountancy, uses Senta for all his client work and has put Senta right at the centre of their practice workflow.

A side hustle into a successful practice

“I started Golding Accountancy full-time back in January 2016. It was a side hustle up to that point. The practice started getting busy and I took the opportunity to jump ship.

It was just me working out of the spare room for a while. I joined forces with our largest client, who we’re still with, and we started to grow.

In 2017, we got a serviced office and we also bought out a tax practice, which was a big step in our growth.

The bookkeeping for the tax practice was done on some incredibly old systems, so we moved everything over to Xero and Receipt Bank and streamlined the whole bookkeeping and tax process.

We started looking at our workflow together and Senta originally came up as part of that search.

Michael, our practice manager, has really taken that project with both hands and has put Senta right at the centre of our practice workflow.

A real focus on practice management

We’ve been using Senta practice management since February 2020.

Senta is our central hub now in the practice. It’s pretty straightforward to use once you’re set up and it works very well for a smaller practice like ours.

We’re still finding out all the great stuff it can do for our practice management.

We also talk to Cheryl Sharp from Pink Pig Financials, who is another Senta user. She has given us a lot of Senta ideas. She’s just down the road from us and has really done some great stuff with the software.

For client work, Senta has been a godsend. As soon as you sign up, you get an email to fill out and we start things like the onboarding and the anti-money laundering process.

We love having all the practice and client data in one place and all connected up to Xero and GoProposal.”


If you want to try Senta for yourself, you can have a 30-day trial, for free. Sign up here.