Dext Precision Integration

Connect Senta and Dext Precision together to view the state of your clients' Xero and QuickBooks accounts using an overall health score (0-100).

Find out how Senta & Dext Precision work for your practice

Senta and Dext Precision work together by displaying your clients’ Dext Precision health score within their Senta client record, giving you a quick look at the quality of their books. You can use this score to trigger tasks in Senta when certain health thresholds are reached, allowing you to proactively monitor data and provide insights.

Senta and Dext Precision Integration

Snapshot of your client's health score

Get a quick snapshot view of your client's Dext Precision health score, enabling you to quickly gauge the state of your clients' bookkeeping data.

Build workflows around these scores

Trigger tasks in Senta when certain health thresholds are reached and so you can be notified when books are particularly good or bad.

Error-free data and proactive insights

Use insights to become a trusted business partner for your clients, and grow your practice by increasing revenue from billable advisory services.

About Dext Precision

Dext Precision is a web app to help accountants assess the quality of their clients’ bookkeeping data, i.e. are all transactions suitably categorised, classified, etc.

Precision is the ultimate data toolkit for Xero and QuickBooks users.

Get oversight and consistency across your practice no matter the accounting software you use; Precision will give you the deeper insights you need for onboarding and pricing, help you upskill your practice and become a true business partner for your clients.



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