Induction & configuration training

We’ve always enjoyed offering training as part of our ongoing support but sometimes practices have more complex needs. Maybe you’ve got an influx of new employees or you’ve changed direction and are offering different services. Or it might be that you feel you’re not using Senta to it’s full benefit. Whatever you need, we want to help.


New starters

Learn how to get around Senta and how to perform all the common and day-to-day actions they will need to use Senta effectively. We'll cover how to use Senta in your day-to-day, as well as setting up custom workflows, data management, the client portal, and integrations.

Top-up training

This is a top-up course for those who have some familiarity with Senta but need a refresher. We’ll focus on what you feel is needed, whether that be training on your day-to-day day usage or training on configuring the system and setting up of workflows.

Senta expert

Aimed at existing users of Senta who want to create more sophisticated workflows and configurations. It will enable you to become the ‘resident expert’ in your practice, so you can be on hand to troubleshoot for your colleagues. 

Senta support team


The configuration services

The configuration support means you can now hand over the set-up of your Senta workspace to us – (for a fee!). This service is bespoke for each practice, but could include:

  • Consultation on and implementation of custom workflows
  • Importing client data – which includes reviewing the data to ensure it works smoothly
  • Database customization
  • Advising on best practices/areas e.g. recommending integrations

Speak to one of our support team to find out more.


 A fully customisable servce

  • We like to make things customisable at Senta – so each module can be modified to suit your needs.
  • Training sessions are led by an expert member of the Senta support team, with extensive experience in using and configuring Senta for a variety of practices and users. They’ll be highly confident with all aspects of the platform and be prepared to field questions from attendees throughout the training.

The cost

The course is adaptable, so the price is too. It depends on the number of people involved and the requirements. Contact us now for a bespoke quote.