What happens over christmas…

As in previous years, we're switching to virtual support over the Christmas period.

Friday 24 December:  Normal support
Monday 27 December:  Emergency support only
Tuesday 28 December:  Emergency support only
Wednesday 29 December:  Urgent email & ticket support
Thursday 30 December:  Urgent email & ticket support
Friday 31 December:  Urgent email & ticket support
Monday 3 January:  Bank holiday/ emergency support only
Tuesday 4 January: Normal support (but be gentle with us!)

Although we are operating a limited support service until the new year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need us. We’ll be looking after the infrastructure and monitoring all support requests and will answer urgent questions as quickly as possible.

On the days we are offering urgent email and ticket support, the phone lines will not be active. We will, however, be operating a skeleton crew who will prioritise and respond to any issues which are preventing access to Senta (e.g. being unable to sign in).

No matter what, we will always be ready to respond in the case of Senta going down globally, even if it means dropping a mince pie mid-bite – that’s how much we care about you!

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