Senta feature roadmap

Find out what major features are coming up in our next releases here.

You always get every new feature we add, automatically – unlike other software, there are no restrictions, no tiers of different features and no tricky upgrades.

Learn more about the Senta roadmap

About our roadmap


As well as major features, we are constantly improving Senta with incremental changes. Typically we add several new features every week.

Get involved

If you think Senta can be improved, tell us what works for you, what's not so great, and what problems we can solve for you.

Many new features start with feedback from a practice and we'd love you to be involved with our development process.

Next releases

Coming up in our next releases:

  • Client portal updates
  • Workflow, task & form updates
  • Task out-of-office (to send all of your tasks to someone else!)
  • Client profitability

Subsequent releases

In the subsequent releases:

  • Daily catch-up email to practice staff
  • Built-in AML identity & PEP checks
  • Snooze notes so that you can follow them up when you say
  • Schedule emails & tasks for set times

Recent features

These are the features that we've added to Senta practice manager recently:

  • Auto-chase: re-send emails until client responds with collaterol
  • Client-specific job versions: customise repeating jobs on per-client basis
  • Send standard documents in a job
  • Flag and star tasks and jobs: segment your task list just the way you like it
  • Client/contact linking: see relationships between clients, ideal for people who are both personal and corporate clients
  • Time-recording
  • Bulk-changing tasks and clients
  • Search uploaded documents
  • Electronic document signing: free and unlimited electronic signatures
  • Easily convert inbound emails to trackable jobs & tasks
  • QuickBooks Online integration: sync your clients and see financial transactions
  • New repeats: Trigger jobs on two-monthly or four-monthly cycles – ideal for RoI practices
  • Individual email footers: Set up email footers for the practice and individual users
  • Custom job & task views: Get quick & easy access to the job & task information you need most in your practice
  • Job & task filters: Filter jobs & tasks by assignee, partner, compliance dates, status or anything else
  • Date formatting: Choose the date formats that make sense for your practice
  • GoCardless integration: See your Direct Debit receipts for each of your clients
  • Filter fields on contacts: Capture different information for different contact types