Senta feature roadmap

Find out what major features are coming up in our next releases here.

You always get every new feature we add, automatically – unlike other software, there are no restrictions, no tiers of different features and no tricky upgrades.

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About our roadmap


As well as major features, we are constantly improving Senta with incremental changes. Typically we add several new features every week.

Get involved

If you think Senta can be improved, tell us what works for you, what's not so great, and what problems we can solve for you.

Many new features start with feedback from a practice and we'd love you to be involved with our development process.

Next releases

Coming up in our next releases:

  • Client portal updates
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Workflow, task & form updates
  • Document signing
  • Search uploaded documents
  • Task out-of-office (to send all of your tasks to someone else!)
  • Bulk-changing jobs
  • Easily convert inbound emails to trackable jobs & tasks
  • Time-recording & client profitability

Subsequent releases

In the subsequent releases:

  • Daily catch-up email to practice staff
  • See relationships between clients, ideal for people who are both personal and corporate clients
  • Built-in AML identity & PEP checks
  • Snooze notes so that you can follow them up when you say
  • Schedule emails & tasks for set times

Recent features

These are the features that we've added to Senta practice manager recently:

  • New repeats: Trigger jobs on two-monthly or four-monthly cycles – ideal for RoI practices
  • Individual email footers: Set up email footers for the practice and individual users
  • Custom job & task views: Get quick & easy access to the job & task information you need most in your practice
  • Job & task filters: Filter jobs & tasks by assignee, partner, compliance dates, status or anything else
  • Date formatting: Choose the date formats that make sense for your practice
  • Companies House triggers: Automatic confirmation statement reminders
  • GoCardless integration: See your Direct Debit receipts for each of your clients
  • Filter fields on contacts: Capture different information for different conact types
  • API calls as tasks: Senta can call Zapier, IFTTT and other services at the right time in a workflow, automatically or on-demand
  • Sign-in restrictions: Allow sign-ins only from certain places
  • Job changes: You can now filter tasks based on forms you fill in during the job – useful for triggering tasks as your job progresses
  • More FreeAgent analysis: View clients' debtor & creditor days
  • Jobs summary & charts: See your practice workload summarised and charted for future and past months
  • Monthly jobs progress: See how your month is progressing at a glance
  • Ad hoc tasks for clients: Track one-off tasks against your clients, alongside their workflow tasks
  • Integration with The Pensions Regulator: Automatically grab your clients' staging dates and kickoff AE workflows
  • Ad hoc tasks: Keep track of anything you like, alongside your workflow tasks
  • Your branding on Senta: Upload your logo to brand Senta and the client portal
  • Pin & colour notes: Pin notes so that they're visible whenever you look at the client
  • More FreeAgent data and analysis: See your clients' P&L, balance sheet, bank balances and key business ratios
  • Audit trail: Examine detailed information on every change made

Earlier features

These are the features that we added to Senta previously:

  • FreeAgent historical data: Look at clients' FreeAgent data for any period
  • Auto-number fields: Easily allocate your clients a unique file number
  • Lock fields: Show certain fields to just the right people in your practice
  • New repeats: Fortnightly and six-monthly job repeat cycles
  • Filter clients by month: find all clients with year-ends, ARDs, etc. in a particular month
  • Bulk job actions: Cancel or update jobs in one hit
  • Instructions on tasks: Add details instructions & links to workflow tasks
  • Overdue jobs by account manager: See who needs help in your practice
  • All-new importer: Easier, faster, more intuitive – Now imports clients' services too
  • Companies House documents: see and download documents from Companies House on every client
  • Texting: Send text messages to your clients as part of a workflow
  • Xero integration: Merge client data & see clients' P&L and balance sheet from Xero
  • FreeAgent integration: Sync with FreeAgent and see your clients' real-time financial data from FreeAgent
  • Gmail integration: send emails via Gmail and see practice-wide Gmail within Senta
  • Exchange email integration: send emails via Exchange and see practice-wide Exchange email within Senta
  • Enhanced document management: many new document management features for you and your clients
  • Practice-wide email outbox & approvals: require that all your practice email is approved before it's sent
  • Customised key job dates: highlight dates important to you within every job
  • Companies House integration: see the latest Companies House data on every client
  • Data import: import new and existing clients and contacts in an easy-to-use importer
  • Extra job and client placeholders: send emails with merge field placeholders
  • Withdraw documents from clients: show and hide documents from your clients
  • Star & flag clients: stars are personal to you, flags are shared practice-wide