Senta feature roadmap

Find out what major features are coming up in our next releases here.

You always get every new feature we add, automatically – unlike other software, there are no restrictions, no tiers of different features and no tricky upgrades.

Learn more about the Senta roadmap

About our roadmap


As well as major features, we are constantly improving Senta with incremental changes. Typically we add several new features every week.

Get involved

If you think Senta can be improved, tell us what works for you, what's not so great, and what problems we can solve for you.

Many new features start with feedback from a practice and we'd love you to be involved with our development process.

Next releases

Coming up in our next releases:

  • Client portal updates
  • Client profitability reporting
  • Reporting & MI
  • Emojis & reactions Face with tears of joy

Subsequent releases

In the subsequent releases:

  • Onscreen acceptance: e-signing without the documents
  • Improved notifications including email digest
  • More email fonts & formatting options
  • Weekly catch-up email to practice staff
  • Document inbox

Recent features

These are the features that we've added to Senta recently:

  • Two-factor authentication: Increase security with two-factor authentication, using apps such as Google Authenticator
  • Built-in AML identity, PEPs & sanctions checks: ID checking from within Senta, in association with Credas
  • Ad hoc texting: Send a one-off text to your clients
  • Per-user client lists: Make lists available across the practice, or keep them for yourself
  • Computed fields: Senta will auto-calculate fields for your clients
  • New repeats: Daily and weekdays
  • Practice-level sub-folders: Set up folders and every client gets them
  • Arithmetic in placeholders
  • GoProposal integration: seamlessly hooks Senta and GoProposal together
  • Multiple email addresses for contacts
  • New list filtering: filter lists by periods, date ranges, multiple values
  • Zapier app: Link Senta to more than 1,000 apps
  • Checklists on tasks: ideal for QC or when you don't want too many tasks
  • New task type to set values: Update fields as jobs progress
  • Support for functions: Use Excel-like functions in placeholders anddate offsets
  • Yes / no task types
  • Business days: Bring tasks forward or push them back until after the weekend
  • End-of-week date offset: For extra date flexibility
  • Restricted users: limit users to see just certain clients
  • Show next task description and date on job lists
  • New repeats: Trigger jobs on five-yearly cycles